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The life and opinions of Martin Huenniger, Musician, Audio-Enthusiast and Mathematician.

Geometry Visualization

A great program I just get explained to me: GinMA. It viisualizes an animates geometric furmulae and situations. If you are into it just give it a try: http://deoma-cmd.ru/en/Products/Geometry/GInMA.aspx

Karosse iV

Next Saturday, May 24th, Tim Helbig, Nils Alf and Martin Hünniger are going to perform at the Kunsthof gallery in Jena. It will be a multichannel improvised concert with a multitude of different (concrete and virtual) soundsources, the granulator will be featured and Nils Alf will be playing his  beautiful clarinet. So if you are in town be sure to not miss it.

Start is at 20:00, door 5€



After our concert at the SeAM earlier this year Tim Helbig and I were approached by the gallery Marke.6 hosted in the Staatsmusem Weimar for a musical performance. Unfortunately, Tim couldn’t be there since today he’s going to Helsinky for a concert, so I went there performing solo and it became a great evening. The exhibition “Dreiecksbeziehungen” tries to explore the relations between the two universities in Weimar, the “Hochschule für Musik” and the Bauhaus University and the people existing in their influence. It also explores the ties among music pictoral art and inspiration. Thus, the presented artworks based upon those. It was our honor to provide a recording of TDDDT’s concert at the KTS in Jena from 2012. Another beautiful piece of music was composed by Janko Reseta. It inspired a sensible pyrotechnical show at the end of the evening at the Weimarplatz.

Check out the homepage of the gallery at http://markepunktsechs.de and don’t forget to visit the exhibition until 20 of June if you are in town.

LAC 2014

Last weekend, the annual Linux Audio Conference took place in Karlsruhe. I had been invited to present my composition “Spaces” in the ZKM_cube. It was a fantastic moment as there were grat people and I don’t have the chance to play at such a location very often. There were a lot of interesting talks, Miller Puckette was there, Steven Yi and it was nice to see what kind of ideas people realize with open source software.

Recording Sessions

Mr. Green Genes are recording in the StudioJena right now. A cool time for all of us. We are looking forward hearing the final results!


Ben Paetzold recently released a video on Vimeo that contains some of my music. Be sure to check it out, for I find it very beautyful and interesting. It is called: Aletheia [was Ich vergessen hatte…]

Helbig & Huenniger


Tim Helbig and I had a great concert friday evening at the SeaM in Weimar. All performances were very impressive. Most astonishing to me were “Respiro” by Andreas Vorwerk and “Black Fox and Three White Rabbits” Nawar Jnedee/Christian Helm.

The picture was taken by Ludger Henning.


Talking about music, I forgot this little experiment I made up with SuperCollider this July. All the people in Boulder were so inspiring an d told me a lot about things that could be done with it. In Weimar I had a seminar on the recently passed away Bernard Parmegiani and his “De natura sonorum” and we talked a lot about the perception and the psychoacoustically modelling of space in music. Since I was concerned with spaces during my Ph.D. on discrete topological spaces, I used this as an inspiration to create something musically out of it.

There are Points and Lines interacting in three imaginary spaces. The first is artificial, the second is some kind of Inside space (taken from an impulse response of a shutdown railroad tunnel) and the third is an outside scenery. Topological spaces define notions of connectedness, and I use granualsunthesis to build connected structures from the points (the clicks) and to decompose the lines (the sine sounds).

The composition is also interesting to me, since I never uses SuperCollider before to actually generate a whole piece of music. And I learned a lot about the mighty features SuperCollider provides to use algorithmic and aleatoric Ideas in a composition. Something that would not be possible with Max or Csound alone.

So if you want to listen to it, give it a try and leave me a comment, wether you like it or not. There is still a lot to learn for me…

PS: I later discovered, that a composition I had the chance to listen to in Boulder by Erik Nyström had also this topological background. He wrote a very interesting Ph.D thesis on this topic. So if you are interested in his stuff, check out his site here: www.eriknystrom.com


Finally, after a long time, I finished working on this piece. I started around July, when Astarte came up with another experimental movie she needed a soundtrack for. Because of the time taken to prepare my work in Zwickau and some minor stupidity - I wrecked the Granulator Audio Unit that plays a central part in this piece and spend a whole weekend on fixing it - I only got to it during this Christmas holiday. The piece uses a lot of timestreched audio material from guitars, former compositions and improvsations and a lot of strange stuff that appeared under the messy surface of my working room or at least in the memory of the good old Nord Modular. It feels very impressionistic to me. I think, somehow I have to explore this blurry feeling. At least all the photos I take look like this stuff sounds, so it has to have something to it…

In the hope of getting some listeners, here it is: Enjoy yourself and drop a comment if you like or dislike it. I need a lot to learn so input is always appreciated.

Wir auch

Everybody is talking about themselves… Us too! Especially us… So here we go again: Thuringias one and only most widespread reading-stage. After the lauded performance at the great KTS Jena, we are going to perform again in different towns all over the Bundesland. This Sunday it’s Ilmenau. We’ve been there last June. It was a pleasant evening with flattering resonance by the press and so we think that it’s going to be aweful (again).

Be there or be square, especially since we’re accompanied by the most charming Sarah Teicher!

Picture: André Helbig
Website: wir-auch.org